Flowmatiks – Automated Property Management Software

What Is Flowmatiks?

What's the difference between Flowmatiks
and the other Property Management Software?

Flowmatiks has the features to help you automate up to 80% of your Property Management

No More Lost Tasks

You can easily program Flowmatiks to generate tasks and appointments for you based on certain stituations automatically. Flowmatiks will alert you ONLY if your attention is absolutely needed. You can assign tasks to an assistant or even a vendor. Never let tasks fall through the cracks!

State of the Art Automation

Flowmatiks comes with a standard automation campaign or you can build your own. With Flowmatiks automation editor, you can send emails, SMS texts, create tasks and add delay timers in between. Each automation sequence can be started or stopped by triggers, goals, and tags that you can customize.

Collect Rent Via Online

Flowmatiks can collect and receive rent payments online 24/7/365. It’s secured and encrypted to ensure that rent payments are delivered to your financial instititution safely.

Track & Automate Repairs

You’ll be able to receive repair requests through Flowmatiks, track the progress of the repair, and automatically assign them to the right professional.

All-In-One CRM

Flowmatiks comes with a simple yet robust CRM tool so that you can keep notes, information, and past activities of contacts – tenants, vendors, contractors, and alike.

Easy Bookkeeping

You’ll be able to track expenses, debt payments, and the value of your portfolio through Flowmatik’s one-stop bookkeeping feature. Save and Download important reports and data

List Your Properties

You can now list your properties in multiple websites with a click of a button. Have prospective tenants apply online through Flowmatiks’ online application system.

Generate Leases Online

You can customize your own lease templates and generate individual leases in a heartbeat! Leases can be printed or be sent to your tenants for eSignatures.

Background Checks

You’ll be able to run background checks on your prospective tenants who applied for your vacant rental units! Fast & Easy Process!

Tenant and Vendor Portal

Your tenants and vendors have their own portals that they could login to. Your tenants can set up auto-pay, pay rent, and view important documents. Your vendors can submit invoices and see scope of work.

Website Builder

(Coming Soon) With Flowmatiks Platinum, You can Build Websites using Drag & Drop Editor to quickly deploy your business website. You can use this website to list your properties, advertise your brand, and have your tenants login to their dashboard!

Flowmatiks is designed to help you
save money, time, stress, and your precious energy!

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  • Ideal For Self-Managing Landlords
  • Online Rent Collection
  • My Day: Task Tracker
  • Flowmatiks Automation System
  • Repair Request Module
  • Online Lease Generator
  • All-in-One CRM
  • Basic Support
  • System Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flowmatiks be Integrated with Other 3rd Party Software

Although Flowmatiks is an All-In-One Property Management software… Yes, we do allow 3rd party software integration via API.

Does Flowmatiks come with a tenant portal?

Yes! Your tenants can login to pay rent, set auto-pay, request for maintenance and sign online documents! Flowmatiks also comes with a vendor portal as well so that vendors can seemlessly invoice you and it’ll be integrated with your accounting automatically.

If I cancel Flowmatiks, will I lose my data?

Because Flowmatiks is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Company, your data will be inaccessible after cancellation. But don’t worry, you can always export your data before you cancel so that you have backups.

How long are your contracts?

Flowmatiks is a month-to-month service! There are no contracts! You can cancel at anytime without fees or penalties!

Do you charge fees for expedited rent disbursement?

Unlike our competitive software services, both Flowmatiks Lite and Flowmatiks Premium come with expedited rent disbursement to your financial account.

Does Flowmatiks come with the automation already? Or do I Have to Build it?

Flowmatiks comes with a plug-and-play automation sequences. However, you can customize them to your best judgment of business practices as well as to comply with local laws regarding notices. You can built your own tags, sequences, and custom variables.

Are there any other fees other than the monthly subscription?

No, there are no hidden fees. Just the monthly subscription. However, we do offer optional paid services such as educational courses, books, and training materials to help you acquire more real estate and business knowledge.

If I get lost, can I talk to someone to help me?

Yes! Our Support Team is on standby to help you with technical and billing questions! We also have an online community of professional landlords that you can connect with to get peer-to-peer assistance.

Can I use this to manage commercial buildings as well?

Yes! You can use Flowmatiks to manage commercial buildings such as office complex, storage units, and commercial leases. However, Flowmatiks does not support nightly rentals or hotel resource management just yet. We’re looking forward to offering a separate line of software dedicated to vacation rentals and hotel management.

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